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The Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto was founded in 1957, with the help of DKU, (Dansk Kirke i Udlandet - Danish Church Abroad). The Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto is quite young compared to the many 800 year old churches in Denmark. But this church is different. It is more than a church. For many Danish immigrants and families who have worshipped in the Danish Lutheran Church, who have been baptized, confirmed and married here, who have had funeral services for their lost family members and friends and who have sung, danced, worked and shared meals together - it has been a way of maintaining and nourishing roots transplanted to Canadian soil.

We all know how important the roots are for growth and well-being, and therefore we pass on the traditions and customs which we value to the next generations. Although the Danish language is essential to our church, we try to create the right balance between Danish and English so that all may feel at home.

The church has many activities, but the core, around which everything else grows and thrives, is the regular church service which is celebrated each Sunday. Let us hope that for many years to come the Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto will be here for Danes and their families.

Latest News


Sep 1

11. S. a. Trinity: Liturgical Service
Luke 18, 9-14: The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Sep 8

12. S. a. Trinity: Welcome Back Fest + Children's Hour
Mark 7, 31-37: Jesus Heals a Deaf-Mute

Sep 15

13. S. a. Trinity
Luke 10, 23-37: The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Sep 22

14. S. a. Trinity
Luke 17, 11-19: Jesus Heals Ten Men

Sep 29

15. S. a. Trinity
Matthew 6, 24-34: God and Possessions

Oct 5

14:00 Thanksgiving Service in Ottawa
St. John's Lutheran Church, The Danish Club of Ottawa

Oct 6

16. S. a. Trinity
Luke 7, 11-17: Jesus Raises a Widow's Son

Oct 10

Golden Age Club Tanksgiving Service

Oct 13

17. S. a. Trinity: Thanksgiving. Family Service
and Children's Hour
Luke 14, 1-11: Jesus Heals a Sick Man

Oct 20

18. S. a. Trinity
Matthew 32, 34-46: The Great Commandment

Oct 27

19. S. a. Trinity
Mark 2, 1-12: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Nov 3

All Saints Sunday
Matthew 5,1-12: The Sermon on the Mount

Nov 10

21. S. a. Trinity
John 4,46-53: Jesus Heals an Official's Son

Nov 17

22. S. a. Trinity
Matthew 18, 21-35: The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

English Services mainly in English     Danish Gudstjenester primært på dansk

SERVICES BEGIN @10:30AM - Unless otherwise indicated.

Church Interior


Thu. Sep 5 12 noon Golden Age Club begin at noon after summer break
Fri. Sep 6 7:30 pm Folk dancers begin after summer break
Sun. Sep 8 After Service Welcome Back Fest
Tue. Sep 10 12 noon Church Café at noon
Tue. Sep 10 7:00 pm Newcomers evening
Fri. Sep 13 7:30 pm Folk dancers
Sat. Sep 14 12:30 pm Opera lunch

Tue. Sep 17

12 - noon Church Café
Tue. Sep 17 4:00 pm Play&Pizza
Thu. Sep 19 12 noon Golden Age Club
Fri. Sep 20 7:30 pm Folk dancers
Sat. Sep 21 10:00 am Fall Clean-up Day
Tue. Sep 24 12 noon Church Café
Tue. Oct 1 12 noon Church Café
Fri. Oct 4 7:30 pm Folk dancers
Tue. Oct 8 12 noon Church Café
Thu. Oct 10 12 noon Golden Age Club (Thanksgiving service)
Fri. Oct 11 7:30 pm Folk dancers
Sun. Oct 13 10:30 am Thanksgiving Service
Tue. Oct 15 12 noon Church Café
Tue. Oct 15 4:00 pm Play&Pizza
Fri. Oct 18 7:30 pm Folk dancers
Sat. Oct 19 2:00 pm Ontario Region's Fall-meeting
Sat. Oct 19 6:00 pm Thanksgiving Dinner
Tue. Oct 22 12 noon Church Café
Thu. Oct 24 12 noon Golden Age Club
Tue. Oct 29 12 noon Church Café

CHURCH CAFÉ: meets every Tuesday at 12 noon

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The Church Bulletin "Kirkehilsen" is issued 6 times a year. It contains information on upcoming church services and events, and provides updates from the various church groups etc.

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Address 72 Finch Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 2H4
Phone (Pastor/Rectory) 416-222-2494
Phone (Church Hall) 416-222-0990
Fax (Church) 416-222-2494
E-mail dlctoronto@rogers.com

Pastor Simon Kangas Larsen
Mobile 647-913-3041
Email simon@kangas.dk

Board Members

President Sune Overgaard 416-709-3139
Vice-President Lilly Nielsen 905-665-3080

Lisa McConnell

Secretary Gerda Andersen 416-483-7413
Directors Joan Skovhoj
John Uffe
Audrey Urszulan
Lotte Fick

Activity Contacts

Bazaars Liselotte Østergaard
Inger Lazzarino
Lis Søndergaard
Hanne Simmelsgaard
Children’s Hour Liselotte Østergaard 905-898-3779
Folk Dancers Audrey Urszulan 416-702-8651
Golden Age Club Lilly Nielsen 905-665-3080
KirkeHilsen Simon Kangas Larsen
Audrey Urszulan